Hi, I'm becky gilhespie,
A Vocal Coach.

I help singer songwriters/vocalists/musicians sing openly, clearly and freely in front of audiences to the best of their ability without feeling self-conscious and holding themselves back.

Let’s get started NOW.  Here’s some of my FREE resources to try at your own pace.

Our next step will be to have a FREE discussion about your goals and a quick vocal assessment.  I will let you know what I feel would be the best plan for moving your singing forward to the next level and beyond.

Simone Aird student

Oh Becky is among the best vocal coach I've ever had. A very patient and experienced coach. Beautiful soul, doesn't get frustrated when you mess up (some coaches do 🤣)! Love and miss you Becky x

Simone Aird

Claire Bender

One of the best vocal coaches I have ever worked with. Just try 1 session. You'll see instantly.

Claire Bender

20% off

Becky is an absolutely amazing vocal coach. She's teaching me all the tricks of the trade and helping me with my confidence.

Rachelle Munroe
Rachelle Munro
“I came to Becky at a time when I had been singing for a few years and had lost my confidence due to a bad audition (for a course). My friend recommended her to me and she helped me prove I could hit those higher notes and got me ready for my first choir ‘mini solo’. Recently she’s been helping me prepare for some virtual open mics. I love working with Becky she really is the best.”
Long-Term Student
Becky has helped me get back to basics with my voice. I have so many more choices and options with my singing now. I'm very glad I had this time with her.
Joe Waine


Your Healthiest Voice & Mindset

Each session we will spend time balancing the voice and addressing any weak areas or strain. When your voice is healthy, it becomes free and flexible. A healthy voice feels good when singing. I will teach you how to nurture your voice and keep it in best shape.

I'm so passionate about combining technique with mindset work. I will help you think positively about your voice and performance. We will re-wire negative beliefs so that you will be unstoppable!

Tailored Vocal Workout

I tailor your vocal workouts to you and your specific vocal needs. This may change in each session: if the voice is strained I will give you exercises to rehabilitate and decompress tension. If the voice requires more power, we will work on strength training and hitting the perfect accoustic to get dialled in, effortless power. We will work on agility and flexibility with challenging melodic patterns through all parts of your range.

All the while you will learn the key fundamentals of great singing, so you can play your instrument well.

Reaching Goals

I will help you reach your goals, whether that be to nail a key audition or achieve the best possible sound on your original songs. I will give you the tools to help you go the distance, and I will support you every step of the way. We will work on creating your unique sound and creative development as an artist. I will give you all the latest industry tips and tricks of the trade I've gathered over my 20 year career in music.

Hear Becky working with Fearless Vampire Killers:

How Can I Help You?

vocalists, bands & musicians

I work with many professional vocalists, including recording artists, bands, and stage actors. I work diligently with my clients on whatever they require to succeed in their  performance career. Barns Courtney (pictured) has been a long-term student for the last decade. We work weekly together to ensure his voice is in best condition during his gruelling tour schedule.

singers who feel... kind of stifled

What you are facing is extremely common as your voice is tied in with your sense of self! No other instrument is like this. Not only that, the pressure of the competition, bad audition experiences, and playing to unappreciative audiences can bring up fears and other uncomfortable feelings.

I help singer songwriters/vocalists/musicians sing openly, clearly and freely in front of audiences to the best of their ability without feeling self-conscious and holding themselves back.

transgender voice

In my career I’ve had the honour of working with several people undergoing the transgender process with their vocal needs. This work has been extremely rewarding, and I wish to help others gain vocal freedom and alignment with their sense of self. Please contact me with any questions on this topic.

For the past 15 years, Becky trained exclusively with experts in Contemporary Voice in the US and UK, including Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Evanescence and more. Becky taught at The Academy of Contemporary Music in the UK, and ran her own busy studio in London’s West End. She’s worked with record labels, touring bands and helped actors win roles.

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