AAA - The Authentic Artist Accelerator

 – Small group class format over 3 weeks.
– Get clear about your offering and positioning as an authentic artist.
– Drop perfectionism and fear of rejection so you can deliver your material from a joyful place of expression and creativity
– Understand exactly what needs to be honed and practiced for your fastest growth
– Learn what makes you magnetic to your potential fans (note: it is not posting more and more of your music to social media)
– Practice and deliver within the group of like-minded singers. You will support each other and give invaluable constructive feedback.
My student, Kartina Flavia of CNCS Chick en Chicks, winner of Golden Melody Award 2020 
“I came to Becky at a time when I had been singing for a few years and had lost my confidence due to a bad audition. She helped me prove I could hit those higher notes and got me ready for my first solo.
Recently she’s been helping me prepare for some virtual open mics. I love working with Becky she really is the best.”
Vipsana – Long-term Student
In this supportive class you will be lead to build a stable framework from the ground up, so that you can stand in your power as an authentic, dynamic artist that fans are instantly drawn to.
Only USD 157.  Included: One 75-minute Group session via ZOOM per week, 1 video per week with a task to complete in your own time, a private Messenger group for communication and support
If you’re unsure if AAA is right for your vocal needs, click below to book a FREE 15 minute consultation.