Do these three things to stand out as an artist

I’ve spent time thinking about and working with artists going on a process to step into their full power. The ones who stand out and ooze that special je’ne sai quoi. 

I’ve seen what happens when singers STEP UP and embrace it – because let me let you in on a little secret calculation: 

Authority in any area is…. 

85% to be TAKEN / 15% to be earned.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

As artists putting music out there to the world, we are often operating from a space of “I hope they like my music” (read underneath those lines you might hear varying degrees of “they might not like my music”, or perhaps “they probably won’t like my music”). 

I’m passionate about helping singers and musicians step out of this mindset into one of complete alignment. Where you get awareness about and unclear your blocks, get laser focussed on your offerings as an artist, and understand the steps you need to take, and THEN operate from a place of joy, expression and creativity sharing your gifts with the world. This is exactly what you are meant to do!!

  1.     Audit Yourself – while doing this won’t make you stand out yet, it will let you know exactly where your weaknesses and strengths are, and gives yourself a compass to work from.  
  1.     Record Yourself – this aligns what is in your head with the reality. Then you can stand strong, knowing what you look like and what you sound like. You can be less “deer in headlights”  (sort of like how  I was on my last filming day of Masterchef) and be more confident and in your full power. 

Note: be careful not to get stuck with perfectionism here. You’ll pick up on every last flaw that others won’t even see. 

  1.     Create your “Performer’s Persona – this is going to be a souped-up, dialled up version of YOU.  

**Disclaimer: This will make you ADDICTING to your audience!! **

And the key is that it is totally aligned to parts of your personality that you want to show. So you aren’t trying to be someone you are not. 

Being aligned in this way will feel right, and fulfilling. Your self-expression needs will be met, as well as creating a mesmerising, addicting version of yourself that your audience will love. 

Now there is one last important piece I wanted to add in here (sorry there are actually 4 things!).

  1.     Create an energetic shift.

This shift is your intention. It’s getting geared up and excited to create this vision into reality. It’s visualising yourself in flow, making all the changes you need to make with ease, like a surfer on a wave. It’s not worrying about what other people think, because WHO CARES anyway about anyone else when this is so much more important! It’s knowing that you have gifts to share with the world, and you just HAVE to do this. You’ve got the urge and the pull – the wheels are already in motion. 

Barns Courtney

My student Barns Courtney shared with me that when he got signed to his first solo record deal, he felt his energy change just before he walked into the room to meet this big wig record label exec. He put on this certain swagger as he walked across the room, handed in his demo, said a few words and then left again. That energy he created was enough to seal it for him.

This post is a little taster of some of the elements we are covering in Authentic Artist Accelerator. Starts soon-  1st week in March!  

Let me help you nail this, from the framework up so you will stand in your full power, feeling totally aligned, putting out the right energy required to stand out as an artist! 

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