Vocal Breakthrough Program

“Partly vocal training, partly like therapy, and partly coaching: a powerful combination! Becky will tailor it to meet your needs. I am so glad I did this” – Jonas. Singer, Germany

Many singers and musicians have already accomplished a lot and feel they are almost there – However, there is something holding them back from reaching their goals and being the artist they know they can be. 

This typically presents itself as a certain lack of CONFIDENCE around singing or performing – sometimes with particular areas, such as high notes, but often more frustratingly as fear – in the form of anxiety, worry, fear of failure, judgement or rejection when performing or even promoting yourself.

What I find is that there is always an underlying REASON for a lack of confidence, and that everything can be uncovered and worked on!

I’ve developed a program to help singers uncover what exactly is holding them back and what they need to do to transform.


And the magic formula looks different for every person. In my music industry career that spans 15 years and 3 countries, I’ve seen singers of all levels, including bands, recording artists, actors and musicians, and I have a keen understanding of the areas that they tend to get stuck in.

For some, it is mindset and beliefs at the very core, in the subconscious mind –  which can be almost impossible to shift without help. These singers simply ENERGETICALLY cannot step into the next level of their success.

Not to say that there is anything “woo woo” or unclear about how singers can break these invisible “chains”… if you have a problem in this area, you can solve it with awareness, mindset shifts and reforming new beliefs.

Vocal Breakthrough includes supportive coaching from me to help you come unstuck and work through any mindset issues that hold you back.

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Singer On Stage with Lights

For others, what feels to be big, scary, uncontrollable factors, most often turns out to be some technique or styling work that can easily be shifted with the right strategies, carried out in the most practical way.

DIY programs, online courses, and many, many music teachers out there do not have the experience or the capacity to know how to pinpoint the exact issues, the cause and the solution to areas you are stuck in.

High level vocal technique is my absolute speciality and I will tailor each lesson to meet your exact vocal needs.

I will work with you on EXACTLY what is stopping you from moving forward and emerging as the artist you want to be.

Vocal Breakthrough is For You if:

  • You have areas around your singing and music that make you feel uncomfortable, or that you know aren’t as polished as they could be.
  • You find it hard to promote yourself or your music, or feel uncomfortable performing in front of others.
  • You want to get clear about your offering and positioning as an authentic artist.
  • You want to drop perfectionism so you can deliver your material from a joyful place of expression and creativity
  • You need to understand exactly what needs to be honed and practiced for your fastest growth
  • You want to learn what makes you magnetic to your potential fans
  • You want invaluable constructive feedback from a supportive, encouraging and experienced mentor.
Man with Guitar Outside at Sunset

And finally:

  • You have tried other methods, or done a lot of DIY work on your singing and music, and feel like you are still lacking what you need.

How Does Vocal Breakthrough Work?

  • You will achieve range extension, more power, flexibility, strength, balance and a fine control of your vocals.  
  • I will work with you to look into your mindset to clear negative thinking patterns that are holding you back.
  • I will help you stand out from other artists by dialling up your unique gifts and authenticity as a singer.
  • We will look together at the music you are singing, ensuring it is filled with colour and expression and in the best key to make your voice shine.
  • You will gain so much confidence as a singer and performer, and emerge with your most dynamic voice, ever.

How Is This Different From Other Programs?

“I owe everything I know about singing to Becky” – Barns Courtney, Singer/Songwriter (Virgin EMI)

During our time together, I will take you through my

8 STEPS to becoming a confident singer/performer and artist:

1. Awareness & Acceptance of Self

2. Eliminate Negative Mindset Patterns

3. Develop Your Technique

4. Hone Your Style

5. Play Around & Make Mistakes

6. Turn Your Focus Externally

7. Observe Yourself

8. Take Small Action Steps Towards Your Goals

What’s included*:

🚀 Personalised Vocal Training sessions with me over 12 – 24 weeks*  ($1200 value)

🚀 3 x Coaching Sessions ($550 value)

🚀 3 x Friendly and Supportive Monthly Group Performance Sessions ($170 value)

🚀 Worksheets and reflective homework to target your needs and strategy, including a “9 Step Action Plan for Singer Songwriters and Vocal Artists” ($197 value)

🚀 BONUS Lifetime access to all my online courses and programs ($2000+ value)

🚀 BONUS On tap email or message support from me around your music and singing during your time on the program. 

*note: You can fast track this program and complete over 3 months, or spread out to a maximum of 6 months. This package is more about the transformation you will make than the exact offer details. You and I will work hand in hand to ensure you are meeting your goals..


“I’m so grateful for this” – Midori Ikeda, Professional Pianist and Singer, Japan

Hear Becky and Midori discuss the program:

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Following a singing trauma 50 years ago, Midori has finally gotten her voice back as a result of taking the Vocal Breakthrough Program.

Next Step:

Book a call with Becky to see if you are right fit for this program.

About Becky

Becky Gilhespie, (BBA, PGCE) is an experienced vocal coach, working with professional singers, actors and musicians. Originally from the US, she now teaches students online, worldwide.

For the past 15 years, Becky trained exclusively with experts in Contemporary Voice in the US and UK, including Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Evanescence and more.

Becky taught at The Academy of Contemporary Music in the UK, and ran her own busy studio in London’s West End. She’s worked with record labels, touring bands and helped actors win roles. 

Becky keeps up to date with the latest in vocal science, and uses these tools to help her clients gain more technical and stylistic choices in their singing. She is passionate about helping singers bring out their innate creativity and be the artists they truly want to be.

Becky is an associate of leading voice educator John Henny, an accredited member of International Voice Teachers of Mix, and a qualified Vocal Health First Aider. She also works closely with students on their mindset to help break down barriers to confident singing and performing in the fastest and easiest way possible.