Voice and Mind Gym

Experience the powerful combination of expert vocal technique plus mindset work! I have 20 years experience teaching technique to singers. And I know that 90% of our brain’s cognition lies in the subconcious mind. So we are often stuck in the same patterns and programs. That is why I think it is crucial to include aspects of regular self-work in all my vocal courses, classes and offerings.

Each daily 30 minute class consists of:    20 minutes voice work   |   10 minutes mindset work

  • AFFORDABLE, 30 min group classes on Zoom
  • Run twice daily (morning and evening) 
  • Book in whichever sessions are convenient for you
  • Booking classes is simple and easy – shown in your timezone
  • Cancel at any time
  • Investment:   $13 USD per week for unlimited sessions

Voice: expand your range, gain flexibility and ease, reduce tension, work through your vocal bridge, maintain vocal health

Mindset: visualise your goals, increase confidence and positivity, re-train your brain to stop taking actions from the negative programming
This is a powerful combination of working. Your brain responds best to regular, consistent actions, and I am tailoring this around your needs, based on my 20 years experience of working with artists, singers and musicians
Imagine where you might be in 3 months’ time of continuous work on your VOICE AND MINDSET!